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The Inside Scoop

Our Commitment to Quality


High quality cuisine at an affordable price. We go the extra mile to ensure that our food is of the highest quality available. All ingredients that go into every menu item have been well thought out and chosen because of the quality of the product, not the price. We really mean it when we say quality ingredients reign supreme in our kitchen.


Our Specialty Coffee &
Premium Loose Leaf Tea


Specialty coffee isn’t just a marketing term for regular coffee.  You can’t get it on the run at a gas station in the morning, nor can you get it from your run of the mill fast food breakfast joint. There’s a reason it’s special—it’s a higher quality grade of coffee. Every part of the process from the second the bean sprouts to the first sip you take is handled in a meticulous manner to ensure quality. Our beans are roasted weekly and our baristas are extensively trained for any coffee concoction you crave.


We serve premium loose leaf tea. Our tea vendor is one of the largest direct from source, cutting-edge tea wholesaler in the United States. By partnering with this purveyor, we can trust that we have the highest quality loose leaf tea available.    


Our Bagels


We’re up with the roosters every morning at 4 AM baking. All of our baking for every menu item is done in house. We use a unique process to bake our breads and bagels—steaming our bagels instead of boiling them. Steamed bagels are softer with a thinner crust than traditional bagels. Only using premium dough, our bagel and bread process is one-of-a-kind and top secret.


Our Unique Sandwich Names

Ever wondered where we came up with the sandwich names like the “Gabe” or the “Pont-Neuf”?


Our breakfast sandwiches are named after employees, children, family members, tourist sites and one amazing advertiser.


Our first lunch sandwiches were named after National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Why? It was simple. We needed 13 names and they visited 13 sites. From there, we expanded our menu and kept with the theme of naming menu items after locations and sites.












Espresso, Newark, DE

Avocado Toast

Bagels, Newark, DE


Romes Colosseum Wrap

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