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Our Coffee

Specialty coffee isn’t just a marketing term for regular coffee.  You can’t get it on the run at a gas station in the morning, nor can you get it from your run of the mill fast food breakfast joint. There’s a reason it’s special—it’s a higher quality grade of coffee. Every part of the process from the second the bean sprouts to the first sip you take is handled in a meticulous manner to ensure quality.



Hot Drinks


Specialty Latte – choice of dessert style latte, whipped cream  
Cappuccino – espresso, steamed milk, topped with thick, rich airy foam
Café Latte – espresso, steamed milk
Macchiato – espresso, dollop thick foam
Café Mocha – espresso, steamed milk, chocolate sauce
Caramel “Faux” Macchiato – espresso, steamed milk, caramel, topped with thick, rich airy foam
Americano – espresso, hot water
Drip Brew – choice of current coffee selection

Mexican Hot Chocolate -- spiced ground chocolate laced with fragrant spices, steamed milk, whipped cream
Premium Loose Leaf Tea – choice of premium loose leaf tea black, green, herbal, or ayurvedic
Oregon Chai Latte – choice of oregon black or red chai, steamed milk
la-TEA-da – choice of premium loose leaf tea, steamed milk
Hot Chocolate – chocolate sauce, steamed milk
Steamer – choice of davinci syrup, steamed milk


Cold Drinks


Specialty Latte – choice of dessert style latte, whipped cream  
Iced Latte – espresso, cold milk
Iced Mocha – espresso, cold milk, chocolate sauce

Iced Coffee – choice of regular or decaf

Ice Tea – choice of southern style sweet tea or unsweetened tea
Lemonade – love family recipe
Sweet Home Alabama – half sweet tea, half lemonade
Italian Soda – choice of davinci syrup, seltzer water
Ayurvedic Herbal Iced – choice of om, vata, shanti, kapha, or pitta ayurvedic herbal blends
Iced Chai Latte – choice oregon black or red chai, cold milk


Frozen Drinks


Fruit & Green Tea Smoothie – choice of arctic lemonade, carribean colada, extreme peach, passion fruit & mandarin orange, strawberry bomb or wildberry blast
Coffee – choice of mocha, caramel, coffee, or vanilla
Raspberry Hummingbird – red bull, davinci raspberry syrup, vanilla cream
Chai – choice of oregon black or red chai, creamy vanilla
Green Tea with Matcha –green tea with matcha, cream vanilla
Yogurt Smoothies – choice of mixed berry, peach or strawberry
Frozen Hot Chocolate – rich, intense, thick dark chocolate dessert


All frozen drinks are topped with whipped cream












Our beans are roasted weekly and our baristas are extensively trained for any coffee concoction you crave.

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