A local coffee shop in Newark,
Delaware featuring amazing food, incredible coffee and fabulous staff

It's where you go...

For fresh, newly roasted coffee and espresso, specialty handcrafted sandwiches, and one-of-a-kind steamed bagels and artisan breads made the right way. Each ingredient in every piping hot cup and fully-dressed plate is held to the highest standard—where homemade isn’t just an adjective describing our food, it’s our commitment.  


Our café dressings are made from scratch, our eggs are cracked by hand, and our vegetables are freshly chopped daily. Quality ingredients reign supreme in our kitchen.


Let Whereabouts Café be where you go… your home away from home, a place to relax in a cozy atmosphere and indulge in high quality coffee and mouth-watering cuisine.












Sandwich Cafe, Newark, DE

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